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Кои нови услуги би сакале да бидат воведени во Градската библиотека
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The City Library “Braka Miladinovci” from Skopje represents a modern library and information service, regional and educational center. The Library  has a  wide range of activities and various services that are permanently offered to the library members.

There is a possibility of using the library holdings, access to information following the world trends in librarianship and information technology and thus making the cultural and the social life of all citizens better, especially those that come from other cities and towns.Our purpose is to make the Library a center of cultural events in the city.

The Library has completely renovated and technically equipped departments and reading rooms that work 24 hours and present a pleasant place for all library members and friends.

There are several departments in the building of the Central Library “Braka Miladinovci”:



The Library has 5 completely renovated and air-conditioned reading rooms with capacity of 186 seats. Reading room 1 works 24 hours and 7 days a week. The right to use the reading rooms has the library members only.




The wealth of a library is appraised according to the number of volumes, but also according to the collection of rare publications. The Library has a collection of old and rare books from 16th,17th,18th and 19th century that are of great value for the science, art and culture.

1. A Collection of old printed books in Macedonian until 1948

This Collection has 54 titles in Macedonian. According to the genre they are mostly from the field of history, geography, literature, social law, psychology, pedagogy, etc. The collection has an exceptional value because it contains the early editions of these works and it contains “archive material” for the history of  Macedonian language, literature and culture.

The collection represents cultural heritage of exceptional value.

2. A Collection of old printed books in Roman alphabet from 16th to 20th century

The Collection is consisted of 380 titles dating from 1566 till 1954 in Latin, Old Greek, French, English, and German, books with high quality aesthetic and technical form (ex libris, special binding, specific format, original illustrations, engravings and portraits of famous rulers and monarchs) that have historical and artistic value. The Collection contains: dictionaries, poem collections, essays, fables, travelling reports with geographic maps, manuals from the field of science. The Collection has an exceptional significance because of its dating and value of the facts and also because of the richness of illuminations.

3. A Collection of old printed books in Cyrillic


The Collection contains 184 titles in Macedonian, Serbian, Bulgarian and Russian- works in prose and poetry, reference books in History, Geography, Religion, Pedagogy and Art. The Collection has an exceptional value for Macedonian cultural heritage.

4. A Collection of old printed books in Arabic and Turkish


The Collection is consisted of  77 titles printed in Arabic and Turkish language. The Collection represents cultural heritage of exeptional significance.


Old books are available to the library members for browsing with previous announcement and in the presence of a librarian. These collections are not available for photocopying, scanning and loaning.



The nucleus of the City library “Braka Miladinovci” is consisted of representative collection of old and rare books, but also there is a significant art collection of paintings, aquarelles and drawings from Macedonian Contemporary  Art that has a unique value. Library members and visitors have a rare possibility to get acquainted with several valuable masterpieces of Contemporary Macedonian Art amongst which are the works of the three from  seven most famous Macedonian doyens: Dimitar Avramovski Pandilov, Vangel Kodzoman and Tomo Vladimirski. This art collection is supplemented with the works of many other eminent  Macedonian contemporary

artists that have left a distinguished mark in the Contemporary Macedonian Art: Tomo Shijak, Gligor Chemerski, Vasko Tashkovski, Vladimir Georgievski, Trajche Janchevski, Kole Manev, Dancho Ordev, Goce Bozhurski and Dimitar Stojchevski.

All these artistic works are property of the City library. The wealth of the City library

presented through this valuable art collection is priceless part of the history of Macedonian culture, the artistic insistences and achievments of the doyens of the Contemporary Macedonian Art, their followers and the next generations of Fine Art.



Дигиталната едиција на добитниците на наградата„Браќа Миладиновци“на СВП
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Изложба: Моќта на животот
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